Water Treatment company for purifying the House water!

Most of the water is not crystal clear because of area-based or natural issues may be. Now a team is formed for water treatment in Kerala. Richard is the founder of this treatment. This water treatment is more useful which solves the problem of iron, colour, turbidity content in water. Not only a purifier this very enthusiastic heavy instrument unit treats the water 1000L per hour in all-purpose such as commercial and industrial also.

The unit which carries in mini pick up the van. This starting unit of this machine is priced around 25000+tax and the rate will increase by considerable to the high unit such as premium model which priced includes tax 34000 and In the medium level house will use the standard unit and also the standard unit is most sold product also. The special feature of this machine is that they were no maintenance after fixed in the house.

Richard’s father is the real founder of this water treatment unit. This company is named Richus. This company initially check the borewell water and water tank water. The main thing is that the water content change even the climate change and another tip is that the borewell is underwater while coming to up the water will mix with oxygen the settlement in the borewell taken in well around 2 hours. So water should pump earlier and then next day you can use the water very freshly for home-usage.

This machine is made of two purifiers which include processed sand is the materials of this purifier. And also the chemicals are not used for this. This technology also patented. In earlier times no need for purification in water but nowadays most of the usage becomes in borewell water. While using not purified water for washing vehicle the vehicles shining will loss. Most of the ingredient of this machine is stainless steal so we can fix in a house without any fear.

The Detailed information is given in the following videos.

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