The Asus ROG Phone 5 may have upto 18GB RAM – World’s First!

One of the first smartphones in the world to have 16GB of RAM was the Asus ROG Phone 3. Now, it’s sequel, the ROG Phone 5 could be the world’s first smartphone to sport 18 GB of RAM. The phone will be announced on March 10, so we hope that no other phone launching before this date could have this mammoth amount of RAM. The Geekbench scorecard that just went viral shows that the DB version of the ROG phone has 18 GB of RAM. This could make a tough bet for the competitors to beat this gaming smartphone in terms of gaming and multitasking.

There are will be two edition of the Asus ROG Phone 5 – the DA and the DB versions. The DA version of the phone has appeared in Geekbench in last December with only 8GB of RAM. But after that another DA version showed up with 16GB of RAM. Now the DB version is showing with the world’s first 18GB of RAM. We can expect another version with a 12GB RAM configuration as well. A Tencent games version will also join the series. have a teaser page suggesting the Tencent games edition of this phone. Gamers can wait eagerly for it.

The phone will have the Snapdragon 888 chipset, the latest and greatest from Snapdragon. The phone will run android 11 out of the box. Other specs and details are scarce now. But it may have a triple camera setup, going with the trend – 3 is the minimal number of cameras. The ROG series have never been a camera centric phone, but it could be decent enough for an average consumer. The ROG phone three had a massive battery of 6000mAh. So it’s successor could be no less than that. We can expect 6000mAh or something more than that for the battery of the upcoming ROG Phone 5.

The ROG brand is a gaming centric offering of laptops and smartphones from Asus. The ROG phone series was launched in 2018 to go parallel with the ROG laptop series. ROG stands for ‘Republic of Gamers’. Since it’s launch ROG phone series is one of the top performing gaming smartphones available in the global market. Also Asus is going massive with the battery capacity of the ROG phone series. Infact, the ROG phone is the only proper flagship smartphone that offers 6000 mAh battery capacity. Stay close with us – we will be sharing more details on the availability and pricing shortly after the launch.