The iPhone 13 expected features & differences from iPhone 12!

Apple may unveil four new iPhones for their 2021 lineup, improved versions or their iPhone 12 lineup. The design of the upcoming iPhone13 will be mostly the same with very minor changes. But we can expect improvement in almost all the other specs. Improved cameras, a better processor, a better display with 120Hz refresh rate (Apple calls it ‘ProMotion’ display technology) and a slightly higher capacity battery. Of all the four new models, the normal non-Pro version and the mini will be the best selling models because they will be priced less than $1000. The iPhone 12 was released a bit late due to the coronavirus thing happening worldwide on October. But the iPhone 13 series will be launching on September 2021, which is Apple’s regular release calendar. As per the history an Apple event usually falls on a Tuesday. So we can expect the event on September 14. A baseline price of $800 is expected.

Apple had always a clear strategy to differentiate the cameras of the Pro and the non-Pro iPhones. The non-Pro iPhones always lacked the telephoto zoom lens that came with the Pro version iPhones. So we cannot expect the telephoto zoom lens making an appearance in the non Pro iPhone 13. But we can expect a more advanced 6 element lens for the ultra wide camera. Also a better aperture of f/1.8 can be expected for the ultrawide camera, so that it can perform better in low light shooting scenarios. Apple may introduce an astrophotography mode and portrait video in the iPhone13. Overall software improvements will make the images better in quality when compared to the current iPhone 12.

Apple uses the inhouse grown A series chips for it’s iPhones and they have always always outperformed the Snapdragon competition. The A14 bionic chip was the one that we got last year with the iPhone 12 series. So this year we can expect an improved A15 bionic for the upcoming iPhone 13 series. The upcoming iPhone will also bring Wi-Fi 6E, which provides higher performance, lower latency and faster data transfer speeds. It will also add support for the 6GHz Wi-Fi band. The Snapdragon 888 which competes with the latest A14 bionic chip have always struggled to keep up with the Apple’s beast of a chip in terms of gaming and overall single core as well as dual core performances.

For the displays, the display size will be the same 6.1″ flat panel with sharp edges. The most excited feature that is coming to iPhone displays is the 120Hz refresh rate that enables smoother scrolling. Android phones ranging form less than $600 already has this tech and this is where the current iPhone12 falls behind. But the android phones with this kind of high refresh rate displays usually have a bigger battery to compensate it. The Pro and the Pro Max versions will definitely have 120Hz displays, but we are doubtful about the regular iPhone 13. Anyways, we will wait till September to check out what Apple have kept and what they have omitted, keeping on account with what happened to the 3.5mm headphone jack and the in box charger, LOL!