Merits of Epoxy 3D Flooring In Kerala!

Most of the Kerala type houses are now changing the floor models. Epoxy 3D floor is now trending in Kerala. In olden days variety type of floor changing is working well and the modern age accepts the mosaic, marble, granite models after that this post-modern era makes that change to Epoxy 3D floor very fastly. Basically, this technique gives 3D effects on the floor such as nature or swimming pool model epoxy like that.

When the first look of the floor gives an amazing look. Nowadays the mirror of a house such called epoxy 3D floor. Floor also becomes depreciable because of the using of the floor too much in day to day life. The epoxy 3D floor has so many merits while comparing to someone. The rate charged around 150 to 450 for flooring the Epoxy 3D. The depreciation rate is between one to ten.

The rate of epoxy will increase by comparing it to depreciation. While comparing to marble, terracotta, wood the depreciation level is around five and granite which measures seven and vitrified tiles measures around seven and the epoxy gives ten depreciation level also measured. While comparing to other tiles the epoxy is better than others. The demerits of epoxy are not numbered which most comfortable one.

The shining of the epoxy is better than marbles and the lifetime pledge also is better than others. And also any health issues are not registered in this epoxy 3D flooring. After the plastering of cement, the epoxy work will do in new houses and also the epoxy 3D will works on granite marble such as other things. Other specialities of Epoxy is wet, water, leakage and fire both of all will protect by epoxy.

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