How to connect Six internet at a time in Router!

In this lockdown period, most people are working at home with the help of the Internet. The basic crisis of work at home is connection loss of internet which makes unpin from our work. And also the education or classes are held online sometimes it’s broken by internet connection loss. In this post-modern era, the internet or wifi is mandatory in a house while disconnecting the wifi we will call the broadband company.

This little bit description about a product which never lost the internet connection.  And also any Internet provider company didn’t offer 365 days continuous internet because updating and other things are mandatory in every company and this product is a router which named Smoad and spider also. The basic use of this router is that we can use a mobile sim at a time we can connect the broadband connection also.

Both connections will help to avoid disconnection.  The dual sim supporter and dual broadband can use from this router also. At a time we can connect the six connection to this router also. We can work our work without any disconnection also. This router also called BEETLE which provides a router, antenna, power supply and user manual also. This router is made of full metal type and weight is much more compared to others.

The connecting method and username and password also provides in the user manual. The front side of the router provides a USB port and SD card slot also. At the side of the router 3G and 4G connecting antenna fix and the middle of this a sim slot also provides. The special thing is the sim also provides by the company. At the backside, we can see an adapter slot and reset port and broadband connecting slot also provides.

The detailed information is given in the following videos

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