Twitter may soon allow you to unsend tweets – still no edit tweet!

I am pretty sure that I am not the one alone in the online world who wished that twitter allowed the tweets to be edited. Typos are a common thing and all other social media platforms allows it’s uses to edit a post. But still, you cannot edit a tweet. Life would be much more easier if there was an edit button for tweets. It seems like twitter is planning to fix this using another means. It is not really enabling users to edit a tweet, but they can be unsend. Something is better than nothing!

As per reports, twitter is working on a ‘Undo send’ feature for tweets. A video just went viral that shows the upcoming feature called Undo Send. It allows the user to unsend a tweet for a few seconds after posting. It is very similar to cancelling an online food order that you may have just placed and have changed your mind immediately after placing it. A new notification will pop up as soon as you post a new tweet. The notification will include an undo send button along with a timer. The tweet can be unsend if you tap the undo send button before the timer runs out.

Similar feature was spotted before as well in last June, but it never made to users. So there is no confirmation on if or when will twitter bring this feature on. All that we can do is wait patiently. LOL.

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