Microsoft Whiteboard sketch app is now available for android phones!

The Microsoft Whiteboard app was available for iPhone users only. But the company has now made the Whiteboard app available on the Google Play store as well for android smartphone users. It is available as a Public Preview only as of now, but it will soon phase out this preview stage. The Microsoft Whiteboard is a very useful sketch app companion. It has a white canvas that allows users to draw and write. This can be done using the fingertip, stylus or pen. But it requires you to log in with a Microsoft account into the app.

This app allows to quickly write down your new ideas and concepts that comes to your mind immediately by drawing it. It has a collaborative element that helps everyone to doodle and make changes to one’s creation. The companies brainstorming different ideas can take advantage of this sharing feature. The user can choose from a wide range of pens for drawing. There is a Rainbow pen, Galaxy Pen and a Neon yellow highlighter pen. There is also option to configure the pen’s colors and different effects to fit your liking. The user has to tap and hold to the additional customization pop-up to appear.

The Microsoft Whiteboard also features a ruler, eraser and a Lasso select function tool. There is also option for inputting text, images and note grids. There are also list and templates that are similar to the Microsoft Word. The final output can be saved in PNG or SVG format. This app is an awesome note-taking and sketching app and features all the functionalities one could ask for in such an app. And considering it is from Microsoft, users can use it confidently as well. The app can be downloaded using the below links.

Android Link:

iOS link:


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