this website will allow application through mobile which provide jobs for returning expats

New scheme has been introduced by government of India in concern of expats who were returning due to Covid issues.This scheme will helps the expats to find out job in their native country.This scheme is named as “SWADES”.Which means skilled worker arrival database employment support.A user with a smart phone with an internet connection can register in “SWADES” website through simple steps.Link of the website is given on the most below section of this clicking on the link user will get an interface with skill card on his mobile or laptop.

skill card will ask for name ans some more details regarding job, contact details and nature of works etc.a light tutorial through images has beEn set up below about the website and its registration.let see how to use this website through the simple steps.In need of any queries users can use this till free number 1800 123 9626

By clicking the link giver most below to the post user will get a hoe interface like this
this is the skill card were user have to give their details in which name, contact details, passport number, and about nature of the work that user have


after giving all the details give a tick on the check box by clicking over it.


after giving all the details on the skill just click the submit button.By doing all these steps application will get submitted


click here to apply for job under “SWADES” scheme