Needful can consult a doctor through mobile with an internet connection

Due to the Covid 19 situation national health mission has been introduced a better way for medical consultation rather than visiting clinics and hospitals.This new way will helps the people to rid out of their fear for visiting hospitals and clinics.Telemedicine system in people of Kerala has been now introduces.Simple ways by using a mobile phone will helps to consult a doctor through telemedicine system. This system will helps in both reducing of Covid transmission risks and people in need of medical assistance will get assure of that.Many of the peoples are feared of the crowded situation in government hospitals.

One of the main advantage of this system is maintenance of social distance by keeping ourselves at home.The major part of advantage of this telemedicine system is it is completely free.Kerala government has joined to this mission on 10th of June. as an initial step 30 doctors from various departments are serving for this telemedicine system.This service will be available from 8am to 8 pm.Later hoping for more services from different doctors as reply from the people.let see how to use this system.The link on the most below of the post will redirect user tot the telemedicine facility link.

This is the registration format user in need of telemedicine consultation to do
Click on the patient registration which is shown in the home page
type your mobile number in this window and click send OTP
give the patient details here and upload the patient details in jpeg or png format.a token with timing will be issued for consultation to the doctor
click here to get a telemedicine consultation