Oneplus 9 series launch date confirmed – March 23!

Oneplus has officially announced the launch date of their Oneplus 9 series phones for March 23. The timing of the unveiling is 10AM EDT / 2PM GMT / 7:30PM IST. This is the first Oneplus phone the brand has collaborated with Swedish photography masters, Hasselblad for their cameras. The new partnership between Oneplus and Hasselblad is set for three years. Oneplus is committing $150 million in R&D to co engineer it’s future phone cameras with Hasselblad to make their smartphone cameras great.

This first result of this partnership is the Oneplus 9 series of smartphones. The leaked photos of the phone even shows the Hasselblad branding on the camera bump on the back of the phone. The Hasselblad camera system on the Oneplus 9 includes Natural Color Calibration which aims in preserving Natural looks and color accuracy in the shots from Oneplus 9 series of smartphones. “OnePlus has always prioritized a premium user experience over everything else. Beginning in 2021, we are making a concerted effort to significantly improve the smartphone camera experience for our users, with the expertise of a truly legendary partner in Hasselblad.” – Said Pete Lau (OnePlus Founder/CEO).

The Hasselblad Pro Mode will also appear in the Oneplus 9 series of phones to bring Hasselblad’s powers to the smartphone for more accurate colors on images. The Hasselblad Pro mode interface will be based on Hasselblad’s image processing software seen on it’s professional level cameras for that added fine tuning. Some of the mentioned adjustments include tweaks in ISO, white balance, exposure and focus. The phone will support 12-bit RAW format that has mode dynamic range and true to life colors.

Oneplus also confirmed that it will launch four R&D imaging labs in Japan and USA. The Oneplus 9 series is launching with a custom Sony IMX 789 sensor, freeform lens, a panoramic camera with 140 degree field of view and T-lens technology for fast focus results on the front facing camera. We can expect great results from the cameras of Oneplus 9 series as always from Oneplus. This is not the first time Hasselblad is entering smartphone photography. Some years back, there was a Hasselblad camera module that can be attached to a motorola G series flagship as an added accessory. And the images from that sensor was not at all good given the hype. We hope that the case does not repeat here as well.

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