How can make Laptop LED bulb!

While travelling or power connection will be lost such typing works in laptop becomes down because of the light becomes exhausted. Here o a description of how to make the laptop USB led light more helpful while power becomes lost. This light will work in a laptop USB slot. The initial items for making a USB led light is three and half-inch PVC pipe then cut off after 16cm of the PVC.

Then make smooth the both side of PVC by using sandpaper. After that mark after three centimetres in PVC pipe then take the measure of the hole PVC pipe which already measure that 2centimeter. Make mark above the three centimetres marked just before and mark the below also.  Then cut the PVC slightly and make it smooth with sand paper. The shape becomes like elbow type. The next set up light fixing.

So mark from bottom after 1 cm then mark also after 2 cm for the light comes out. Then take a paper and round the PVC and mark the shape of which paper rounded. Then cut off the marked area of PVC pipe. carefully. The cutting method is half looked which mentioned in the video. For connecting the laptop, we should mark a USB slot on both sides and cut off the side also. The cabinet work is finished well.

Then cut a round piece for the cap of the PVC. Then take an aluminium piece which inserts into a PVC pipe. We should cut that aluminium piece cut carefully. The LED panel is the mandatory item that we can collect from the LED bulb. Makes two-hole in the chip for a fix in the aluminium cutting and for inserting the cable. Then take a plastic sheet which covers the transformer and this paper gets from the electric shop.

The detailed information is given in the following videos.

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