Kannur International Airport Creates A New Mobile App

As our Kerala Government has developed the state with the best technology and the people has been enjoying with this experience. A new way of transportation that has been using since wright brothers have found it. An aeroplane and an airport makes the people of a country so accessible to travel to other countries. As per the status of our country, providing a new airport and travel routes seems to be to expensive. To our state Kerala, the government has made their attempt to provide an international airport for the Kannur district as the people of the state take too difficult to travel their home.

Its not a fact that once people of north Kerala was only abled to travel from Kochi to their home as because there isn’t any other international airport for them nearby their home town. And so the government has seen the suffer of the people who travels to north Kerala or the residents of north Kerala and made an attempt to provide a new international airport for them to easily access the gain of time for travel.

Kannur International airport has been flagged off by the Hon. Chief Minister of Kerala Mr. Pinarayi Vijayan. From the geographical basics of the Kannur International Airport, the airport spreads about in 2300 acres which is almost 930 h.a. Once the construction is finished, the airport was opened on December 9, 2018 for commercial purposes.

The New international airport is being expected to serve more than one million passengers at a time and expect an increase five-fold by 2025. Here what we are gonna introduce a new android application that is related with the Kannur International Airport. Kannur International Airport is a new android application which is developed and designed by the Kannur International Airport itself who provides the online facilities for the travelers who use the Kannur International Airport.

Before describing the new android application, analyzing the new android application we can say that there are thousands of users who have downloaded the application and installed it into their smartphones. And this android application has also shown 4.9 rating out of 5 which states that the app performs well its features and is too easy to function. To experience the application you can download the application from the link provided here and install it into your smartphone.

Check all the features that is available in the app. The app is designed with several features like flight status, flight timetable, operational airlines, shop and eat options. You can see the flight status with real-time updates. Get information on where to shop and eat in the Airport. Google maps to help you navigate to the Kannur International Airport. Find information about “In & Around Kannur”. See detailed information on airport facilities, gallery, Tenders & Orders, flight information and more.