How to get the best quality video out of your smartphone camera?

This little bit of description of How to get the best quality video out of your smartphone camera. We know that the professional tips and features in-camera is not included in the smartphone camera. and also they were so many limitations in the pro mode in android. Here happy to say that endless options with professional features included application has revealed. The application is named Filmic Pro and also this application is most requested from others for review.

The latest version is exposed before one week and they feature advanced cinematic videography also revealed in this application. This application is available on iOS and Android. Maybe the options change a little bit according to your phone compatibility.  Ensure to download the latest application and here to describe how to use this application. The interface of this application is quite unique from our common smartphone camera interface.

At top of the interface, an icon named FE is located and this icon indicating that the quality of the video. Also, the short form of FE is filmic pro extreme. And the just below of this icon represents that how much will allow taking from this FE quality. and also it indicates according to the prestorage of your smartphone. At below shows how much storage is free. At right side the mic volume indicator also included.

If your smartphone is enabled stereo channel the left and right mic also works in this applcation. We can more helpfull for knowing the audio level. And also audio recording source also indicates near mic waves. and video gallery also enabled near audio recording source. The app settings and lens selection also provide near-source buttons. At the centre of the interface shows the timer of the video record and resolution also.

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