Audio Social media trending application: Club House

You’ve probably been hearing about clubhouse left and right you’re starting to feel like you were left out of the club. Here to explain the new social media platform as well as explain how you can go about accessing clubhouse because it is unlike any other social media so clubhouse in April but only recently has been launched back gaining a ton of tractions with some celebrities and high profile people using the platform like the game and Kevin hart just to name a few.

Anyone has the ability to go download the app and if you don’t have an invite if you download the app you can reserve your username and as we know these usernames become precious real estate on the social media platform so go ahead and do that right now but to actually access the features and be a clubhouse user you have to receive an invite from somebody. It is entirely audio based it is an audio-only social media platform.

So there are no pictures there are no videos it is entirely audio based meaning you can communicate one-to-one with people you can either talk to or listen to people on the platform so simply hearing an audio-only platform probably leaves you as confused. Walkthrough all the different features so you can get on there and get started and start seeing the value for yourself so you can scroll down depending on the time of day there’ll be more or fewer rooms and you can go through and join any of the rooms.

You can always find a room to connect with people and go in there a top little icon in the top left of the application interface is how you can find people to follow so you can see if your friends and colleagues are already on the platform with it being invite-only a lot of them won’t be but you can see if they are and go ahead and connect with them and follow them. The mail icon is where your invites will be stored.

Detailed information is given in the following videos

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