Ente Ration Card – Know Your Monthly Quota And Status

India is a country where the government gives the basic food needs for very low price monthly with a limit. As in Kerala, the government has provided a ration card which provides the basic needs and food for very low price than we get in supermarkets. How is the process of this ration card is that the card bears all the names of a family with all their basic details and with this the government provides the needed quantity of the food and needs to that family. Once the ration was available through marking the quantity in the perspective month column given in the ration card. Now a days this all process has made online as we should place our finger and scanning our finger print the details we have given in our ration card will display in the machine.

What we have told now is just the process of the ration card, but here we are gonna introduce a new android application that is much more useful for the users whoever have the Kerala government ration card. Ente ration card is a new android application that is built by the Kerala State Civil Supplies department which is working under the Kerala government sector. What the new Android application does is that you can seek the information of your ration card you have. In an overall view we can say that you can view your ration card by online in your smartphone. When getting the information of your ration card online, you can view all the members and their details that have been added to the ration card already.

Analyzing the new android application, we can say that the analytical records of the new android application shows that there are millions of users who have downloaded and installed the new android application to their smartphone. And though we also recommend you to download and install the new android app from the android market or you can download it directly from the link provided here. This app will help you to seek the information and details of members in a Ration Card, Application Status and monthly quota.So that you will not be cheated by any agents.You can download and install the application from goggle play store absolutely for free.

With the help of this application,the user can check full Ration card details including card type, monthly allocation and Application Status.The details of all members from your family in the ration card will also be check from this app.The Information from the app is provided to General public.The Enrolled users can view the complete details of their Ration Card with the help of above mentioned application. One of the major fact about the application is that you can view the quantity details that is allotted for your ration card.