Check & Compare The Medicine Prices With Jan Aushadhi

From an aspect of the growth of India, we have a lots of facilities that is available 24×7 in our country. The facilities we get through hospitals and medical colleges is somehow better than any area. Since we have such better facilities, we still are getting bribed when buying medicines from pharmacy. Its just not the problem of the pharmacy dealers but the cost provided by the pharmaceuticals who manufacture these medicines. The medicines we have are available in several brands which mainly varies under the base of cost of the medicine. In Kerala, medicines are free to buy from the government hospitals and those medicines can also be available in the medical stores also. Whats the fact about this medical field, is that most of the people doesn’t know the manufacturer and the cost that varies upon the company.

Here we are gonna introduce a new android application that is developed by Bureau of Pharma PSU’s of India , which is gonna trending among the users whoever look after medical applications. Jan Aushadhi is a new android online application which is developed by BPPI which under the Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers. What is the new android application is meant for is that the application will provide information to the consumers detailing the prices of scheduled medicines which are under price regulation as well as Non scheduled medicines. And though the application let you know the right price of the medicines as the application is an online search tool for checking the prices.

With the aspects of the app analytics, the records say that there are thousands of users who have downloaded and installed the new android application from thee android market to their smartphones. The new android app is developed for BPPI, Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers which is an online search tool for checking prices of Scheduled / Non-Scheduled medicines instantly at the time of purchase of the medicine. The tool will indicate the MRP of the medicines (inclusive of VAT).This app will facilitate consumers to verify whether medicines are being sold with in the approved price range and also to detect any case of overpricing by pharmaceutical company/chemist.