Simple way to change Aadhar Card Address!

In Indian citizenship, the important file of a citizen is the Adhar card. While most of the peoples are using for all needs of the Indian government. But the correction of the Aadhar card is another important thing that helps to secure their documents. Here to describe how to correct the address of the Aadhar card and a simple way to correction. Most of the correction we did via the Akshaya centre still here we to say about you can correct via an online website.

The Aadhar correction website which government provide the Aadhar Self Care Portal. Around fifty rupees are the expense for this online Aadhar correction. The method of this applying application for correction is much more important. While visiting the site we can see the interface then initially we should fill the Aadhar number mentioned on the site then enter the captcha for verification of you are a human being.

After all, click the OTP button. The important thing is the Aadhar linked phone should near to you for filling the OTP. After filling the OTP, click the login button. Then we can see the update demographics data Button ten click that button after that automatically open an interface that provides different options such as language, name, gender, date of birth, address, mobile number and email.

The important thing is that gender-changing option works at a time. We can change the gender option repeatedly. The name can change two times and This description focusing on the address option. Then click the Address option after all such pieces of information are given that interface and click the I am aware of this. Then click ok after all we can see an interface of address changing. Initially fill the blank in English and secondly in Malayalam.

The detailed information is given in the following videos

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