KSEB Introduced Bill Installments

Because of lock down common people are facing lot of problems.Economical crisis is the main issue they are facing.In India governments which is central and states are introduced many relaxations in almost all sector for making life simple for the common man.One of the important factor for normal life is electricity.In southern most state of Kerala electricity is giving by the government board called KSEB.Now KSEB also introduced some relaxations for the consumers for remitting the bill.According to that consumers don’t have to pay the bill in a single settlement during
the lock down period.

Consumers can pay the bill in instalments.Which means half of the payment should have to paid now and rest is to be paid in 2 other instalments of next bills.It would be a great relaxation for the common man.their would be no penalties for remitting bill in the above stated way.And all the online transaction for remitting the bill is under free of cost.Consumers can pay the bill both offline and online.In online methods mobile application from the side of KSEB also can be used.also their is an online portal which enhance bill payments,Consumers also can remit the bill on such ways also.

According to that consumers can type half of the bill amount in payment portal which is online from the side of KSEB.Also consumers can use the facility of mobile application.Customer can login to this portal by using both consumer number and mobile number.This online bill remittance can even done through a mobile also.Online bill remitting link is attached below.By clocking over that you can pay half of the bill now.Or if you are able to pay it in full it can also be done.