Create Your Own WhatsApp Stickers -Android app

Now a days WhatsApp has become one of the most efficient and aggressive android application that could make their own users comfortable with its exclusive features. Since we have been using this android application from the day we have known about it. Going through its all features available in the available update and finding out the best shortcuts and hidden features that could be used wisely for our private purposes. And so the recent update that has mind blown all the users of this android application is the sticker emoji’s.

We have already known that there are much more than millions of users who have downloaded and installed the feature availability application for the WhatsApp from the android market. Hence we are gonna introduce you a new android application that has been developed recently which could be helpful for making exclusive the new sticker feature. However you guys a=only have send some stickers that are only available in the required application. But the android application we are gonna introduce you is the Stickers Maker app in which you could create your own WhatsApp stickers.

The new android application is specially designed for WhatsApp sticker creation in which you can create personalized stickers by own. You could select the images from your gallery or else you can take a new picture to create a new sticker of your own. Though this feature for creating stickers makes users mind blowing as this android application was developed by Ray Cloud Solutions who have made a incredible step for the future WhatsApp users. As per the description given for the app in the android market, we found that they have added a contact number for clear out the enquiry you may have about the app. What’s special in this new android application is that the app developers have designed the application with its best features to make it perfect. It is also integrated with WhatsApp using the official WASticker API to provide the users its best in experience.

Although describing the new android application, we can say that the app is included with text effects that could be added in different languages available in the application. Also the feature for language do also provide different fonts where you can add a caption or texts that could be related with the sticker. One of the most highlighted part of its features is that the app is enabled with huge collection of clip-arts, emoticons and packs that could be added to the sticker you create for the reality you create. Also you can draw layers over the sticker and give effects to each layer if you want. You can adjust the text color, size, stroke, shadow and curving as per you own wish. The rest of its features are just simple as you can understand it very quickly like cropping and blurring effects. Looks like you are interested in creating your own Whats App stickers with free of cost, you can download and install the app from the link provided here.