Mobile application less than 16 mega byte will helps to show RC book and Driving licence

Now a days everything come under olden times many people will forget to take their documents related to vehicles like licence and RC book.And they will got penalised by police.Now the time has changed now nobody will forget to take their mobile phone even of they forget any other things.So penalisation for such issued can got reduces because a mobile application has been introduced to solve this problem.By this mobile application driver or rider can show their details on mobile phone.If got excited please wait for a while.this post will show you the details regarding the mobile application from central government side.

THe mobile application is named as M Parivahan. It can be downloaded from play store and apple store.And the main point of attraction for this mobile application is easiness for usage.application is about 15.66 mb to download from android play store.

after downloading the mobile application you will got an interface like giving the next option through sliding the screen for 4 times


User will get an interface to select the language.BY selecting the language user will redirected to next section


this is the area in the mobile application which helps the user to get the rc book and driving licence

In this interface user can attach his driving the licence and rc book to the mobile application.Once it is get attached user can show the same to the departments whichever asked for such documents. Application can be downloaded here.