Magical Plan App Lets You Create Home Design Plans So Easily

Creating homes how we desire is just a mere factor and simple to say but it seems too difficult when it comes into practical. How we say it more difficult is that even a 2d plan do take time to create as we should need to plan wisely when creating 2d plans. Once you have created a 2d plan you can create and design 3d designs where your home design looks so attractive upon your design taste. There are several styles to design a home like traditional, contemporary, fusion contemporary, mixed fusion…etc and so on.

Being an engineer or an architect, creating plans and 3d designs is an easy factor as they have learned it wisely. Here we are going to introduce a new android application that helps you to create 2d plans and 3d designs without any difficulty in optimizing any functions you have to do. Magical plan is the new android application which is created and developed by Sensopia company who have developed the application with user friendly features. And so you can download and install the application from the android store into your smartphone.

Revising the analytical records of the application, there are thousands of users who have downloaded the app from the android store and have installed into their smartphone. Though it says that the app is much simple to use and the user experience of this app is quite fabulous. What the application does is that it creates floor plans simply with the camera of your mobile device. You can also scan a room in up to 30 seconds and build up complete floor plans in minutes. A floor plan is your starting point for included features like material & cost estimation.

Describing the new android mobile application, the app has many features which makes the app unique among all other similar applications. And so the app good reviews and more than that it has good ratings in the android store. As we explain the features, one of the main feature among all of the other features is that the app has a facility to connect a laser distance meter through Bluetooth connection. And the app lets you to view plans in 2d and 3d models that is once created before and that can be edited if you needed. You can furnish your plans with over 1000 objects that is already designed in the android application. You can download and install the application from the android store or directly from the link we have provided here