Live Transcribe App – Real-time transcription of conversation.

Technology has been widely grown since we have been using smartphones. There are many android applications that are available in the android markets which provide enormous and several different features. And also there are many new applications that provide new extra features which stays unique among all other applications in the android market. Being a smartphone user, now a days due to the pandemic strike education has been gone through tough times as the regular classes got delayed by this strike. And so online classes have been started to continue the educational system but make the perfect making of a classroom. Anyway there are many projects and assignments that should be submitted through online classroom and there comes the main problem.

The projects and assignments should be made as a file or notes as text in the online classrooms. There are users who find difficult in typing texts and to complete the tasks in time. For the ease of such problems, a new android application is being developed by the Research at Google who has created the application with several extra ordinary features that stands unique among all other apps in the android market. Live Transcribe & Sound Notifications is the new android application that provides ease in making texts with simply using your voice. The new application provides easiness in everyday conversations and surrounding sounds more accessible among the people who find difficult in hearing or any deaf by using just your smartphone.

The application currently use Google’s state-of-the-art automatic speech recognition and sound detection technology which provide you with real time transcriptions of your conversations and sends notifications based on your surrounding sounds at home. The notifications that are inbuilt in the application makes you aware of important situations at home like a fire alarm or doorbell so that you can respond quickly. Describing the new android application, the analytical records of the application shows that there are more than 100 million users who have downloaded the application and have installed the app into their smartphone. Analyzing the review critics, the app is safe, simple and hassle free to use.

What we need to do in this app is that to download the application from the android market or the link we have provided here. Open the settings after installation of the app into your smartphone. Select the languages you want to use in the app for transcription. You can change the language modes by simply click the language section and the language will be changed. Speak the texts you want to transcribe, the app listens to your voice and writes on the screen within seconds. If any mistakes occur due to fail of understanding your voice, you edit the text after the speech. Another feature included in the android application is that you can enable sound notifications in the app itself as your baby cry’s it detects the sound and make alarms in your smartphone or smart watches that is connected with the device. You can search “Live Transcribe & Sound Notifications” and install from google play store for android users, or click and install the app through the link provided here.

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