How to Get Birth / Marriage / Death Online

To get birth/ death/ marriage certificate, you don’t need to spent time in any office, will get with in 10 minutes. Here introducing the official website ( from the government through which you can download those certificates. All the details regarding births, deaths and marriages electronically registered in Local Governments (Registration units) is provided in this website. For registering those events and keep the documents, SEVANA application software of Information Kerala Mission is being used uninterruptedly.

As we said the site provides details of all births, deaths and marriages electronically registered in Local Governments (Registration units), that is only the details which are digitalized and ported in the electronic register after verification of the officials can be available. The details of births, deaths and marriages that are registered and recorded in writing will not be available in this site.

For any corrections in the entries regarding births, deaths and marriages certificates = of the electronic register, you may need to contact the Registrar of the respective Registration unit (Local Government). After the correction you can download the document form the same website mentioned above.

As per G.O.(Ms) No.202/2012/LSGD dated 25/07/2012 Online Birth and Death certificates are permitted as valid document for all official purposes. So the documents which available from the government undertaking official website are permitted as valid. As per G.O.(P) 6/2013/Law Dated 09/10/2013, the marriage certificate having barcode and photograph downloaded from the website ( shall be a recognized document .




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