Battery Alarm App Notifies Users When Fully Charged

Providing the best performance for your smartphone battery isn’t much difficult task for a user. Because it can be easier if we take some simple steps to avoid battery damage. We all know that smartphone batteries do get damaged if not used properly. Though we should know that what are those improper usage of battery making it damaged. First of all, we should know that there should not occur any voltage variation.And to overcome it we could use a stabilizer but isn’t much right for an ordinary person. And so the best and simpler way is that to unplug the smartphone after full charging from the port. Extra time keeping unplugged might lead to the damage to the battery. Battery Alarm App Notifies Users When Fully Charged

Analyzing an ordinary smartphone user, we could understand that majority of them keep their smartphones in charging at the night. Though the time we take to sleep does also scale the time for charging which would be not necessary. And so it would be a better idea if we had an alarm for unplugging the smartphone from the post if fully charged. Hereby we inform you that a new developer Appeteria has developed an amazing android application for the smartphone users which do help them to save their battery life. Battery 100% Alarm is a new android application which do serve this excellent function to reduce the damage of the battery and save battery life.

Describing the new android application, we should say that the application has almost covered 1 million downloads as those users who have installed this amazing android application have reviewed that the app has the most best output function than the similar applications available in the android market. Though the developer of the application spreads a message to their users through this development as “Remove the charger when the battery is fully charged. Energy saved by you can fill Light in someones life”. The message gives a positive vibe too its users and makes their own life delightful. The new application was developed by keeping the energy conservation in mind as the developer of the application designed the app Battery % Alarm which will notify you by alarming on 100% charging of battery.

However we have gone through the features of the new android application, we should also have a view that the new app will help you to save energy and protect your phone battery. It will also keep you updated on battery charging status through notification and home screen widget. There might be some problems due to vast amount of android devices users as they might have different experience on different devices, but the developers have made a word that they are working hard to make it stable. One of the important fact about the application is that for MIUI users, they need to enable this app in their settings. The way to make it enable is that you should open the settings and open the permissions section where you can allow access to function third party applications. There you could find an option Auto-start which provides your smartphone to auto-start when the charger is connected.