Apple iMac Pro discontinued!

The iMac pro, apples desktop computer is discontinued. The official website of apple lists a sign that says ‘while supplies last’. Also there is only the base configuration available for sale. You can no longer customize the configuration if you are planning to purchase the iMac Pro. Apple has officially confirmed to the verge that it is discontinuing the iMac Pro after the supplies are sold out.

The iMac pro was the more powerful variant of the iMac. It had Intel Xeon processors, which is a workstation grade processor. It also had ECC memory and AMD Radeon Pro graphics. The iMac pro also had more advanced cooling when compared to the normal iMac. It also had an exclusive space Gray color and accessories also had matching colors. It is expected that Apple will revamp the iMac with a fresh new design and and will switch to the brand new Apple silicon, which is apple’s own ARM based processor. There is already a MacBook Pro that uses apples new M1 chip.

The Apple silicon, the M1 chip has outstanding performance with very minimal battery drain when compared to the intel chips. There is no doubt that the iMac with an apple M1 chip will outperform all the computers available in the category. We will wait and see how apple decides the fate of the iMac lineup.

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