A application instead of Oximeter which gonna be viral!

In this pandemic era, the oximeter device more important and also the oximeter device price made high in this covid era. The oximeter device also not getting from a retail shop. But here to announce the happy news that Kolkata based company revealed an application which more helpful for instead of the oximeter. This application measures the saturation level of blood oxygen. This application is running 98 per cent accuracy for measuring blood oxygen after the clinical test.

And the company provides heart rate measures 96 percentage accuracy also. This application is more helpful and here to the description of how to use this application well. The feedback of this application much better than another device. The application is named Careplis vitals which runs in iOS and android well. While opening the application some permissions need to allow after that the interface gives a login page.

Then select the register button and complete the blanks correctly such as name and country like that. After that, a suggested login password also provides this application. Then accept all terms and conditions of this application then click the Register button. Then we can see the home screen of the application which provides scan vitals, vital history, vital analytics and upgrade plan also. This four-square gives a beautiful interface in this application.

While this pandemic era this application gives free to use not worry about the premium subscription. Initially select the scan vitals then we can see the instructions of how to use this application. The index finger should fix in the camera such half covered like that then select the start scan. At that moment you should grant the permission also. Then we can see the flashlight will bright. The finger also heats a very little bit.

The detailed information is given in the following videos

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