Avail Government Services From mKeralam Android App

A government official is the one who has the ability to work for the citizens and it is the responsibility of these officials. Democracy is the process where people elect one person to lead them all for a limited time through voting. Who has the more votes comes to the official position of leadership. Being a keralite, we can say that the government now we have in 2020 is one of the best in which they have already done a lots of services which is only meant for the citizens.

Anyway to avail those services that is provided by the government, there should be some process where or access point to connect the portals and the citizens. And so the government has built websites and online service portals which provides each and every services that the government does for the citizens. There are seva kendra where you can avail online service’s but could only find one in an area. It can cause rush in these offices and the work will not be done in time.

Here we are gonna introduce a new android mobile application which helps every citizens to avail all government online services through a mobile application. mkeralam is the new android mobile application which is developed by the Kerala Government to get these services through this amazing application. In a brief, mKeralam application is onboarded with 100 services across 17 different departments under the Kerala Government.

Though we have gone through the analytical records of the android mobile application, there are thousands of users who have downloaded the app from the android store and have installed the app into their own smartphones. Describing the mobile application, the major aim of this application is to enable a citizen for all kinds of interactions and services with the state government in a fast, seamless and cost-effective manner.

Through this android application, the residents of Kerala can pay KSEB and KWA bills, access old payment history, bill details, meter readings etc; The Calicut University challans for various purposes can also be paid through the application. The citizens can also access services LSGD to download Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Marriage Certificates etc. You can download the app from the app store or download the app directly from the link we have provided here.