Withdraw Cash From ATM Without ATM Card Using Yono SBI App

Dealing with money isn’t simple in our daily life as it can cause several issues in maintaining the correct balance or funds transferred. Once we are doing a business or established as self employed, we might reach in dealing with amounts and we could withdraw the cash using our ATM card from the ATM machine. Another fact we are gonna tell you that there are occasion where our ATM cards get lost or stolen. Or we forgets to take the ATM card from our home or work place. since such difficult moments occur, we couldn’t withdraw money if any urgent time comes over. And so we are gonna introduce a new android application that helps us to withdraw money without using ATM card from ATM machine.

Yono SBI is a new android application that is developed by the State Bank Of India who has developed and designed the mobile application with mere functions and user friendly features to explore it so easily. Once the app is downloaded from the android market and installed into your smartphone, you could avail the features provided by the SBI Yono application. Being simple, we can say that Yono SBI app let’s you to bank from your home or from anywhere you are through online process. How can you bank from anywhere you are is that you transfer funds to any account or you can shop from online or offline by paying the bills you have made. You could also make payments while travelling or pay your travel tickets. Also you can recharge yourself or any other mobile phones or recharge any dish TV plans. You could invest your money into any business or invest your money into a company you trust well. The most interesting fact in this app is that you can avail IRCTC ticket booking which makes you simple to get tickets and travel where you want.

The new android application Yono SBI has the feature to pay or transfer using UPI payments which helps you to transfer your money with a single click so easily and fast. You could also book movie tickets and the features goes on. What the SBI Yono app offers you is that this app is an extension of their trusted banking legacy which gives India secure digital products such as SBI Anywhere and SBI Net Banking. YONO SBI app puts India’s largest range of products and services at your fingertips and lets you bank digitally, invest, shop which can be groceries or from the latest fashion trends with one single app. You can download YONO SBI app from the android market or you can download it from the link we provide here our mobile banking and lifestyle application now and experience its best-in-class features. You can perform basic banking transactions such as checking your balance, creating a fixed deposit, adding beneficiary etc. with the easy to use interface.

Describing the application, when we cross check the analytical records of the new android application Yono SBI app, we can say that there are thousands of users who have downloaded and installed the new android application from the android market. And so we can say that the new android application is so user friendly and you can simply use the application without no hesitation. One of the new update the app developer has designed is that you can withdraw money from the ATM using this mobile application without your ATM card from the ATM machine. You might think that this feature might be not secure as if your cash may bet stolen. The app developer says that this new feature is secure than any app the money can only be withdrawn with your attention as the process goes through using otp. Once the otp is filled, the money can be withdrawn using the app from the ATM machine without using your ATM card.