DiskDigger – Best Photo Recovery Android App

Smartphones are one of the most important and useful gadgets that are ever discovered for 2.5 decades. From the very first to the latest smartphones, there are several updates and upgrades that have been occurred in the development sector technically. One of the best facts about this development is that most of our social needs can be made possible through online and offline applications that can be downloaded from the android market to our smartphones. But there are some possibilities of downloading fake applications that do only provide the least pieces of information and more ads in it. Let’s leave this and talk about an application that helps most of us so badly.

We do have the situation of getting deleted any files by mistake that could be more important to us. Though an amazing application is now available in the android market that provides the facility of recovering deleted files. Sounds interesting huh? It’s the DiskDigger Pro application which is developed by Defiant technologies who have built the app in the android version only. The application is recently updated on Nov 1, 2020, which comes up with a size of 2.4 MB. There must be a doubt regarding that the app is new to smartphone users and the possibility of having fame in the android market. Such doubts can be cleared with the analytical records of the application which states that the app has covered more than 100 million downloads from the android market.

Let’s dig up the details of the new android application that has become much famous in no time. Diskdigger Pro is an android application that does provide the feature of recovering the files we have deleted from our smartphone by or not by our mistake. Most of us do regret deleting files from our smartphones as if the file might be useful in our future use. The android application is rated with 3+ as the app can be used by children as if there is no violence or nudity content. The new application can undelete and recover the images from your smartphone memory and from your memory sd card in which rooting isn’t a necessity. Even if you have cleared your trash bin or even formatted your sd card, the app does recover all the images and photos that have been lost due to the deletion.

Once you have recovered all the images and photos that have been deleted from your smartphone or your memory sd card, you can select the images or photos you need to restore. You can simply restore them to your google drive or any cloud storage space or even you could save them to a local folder on your device. And so there might be a doubt that does this app do recover video files that have been deleted from the smartphone. The answer to the question is Yes but your smartphone must be rooted. If your device is rooted, you could recover your video files along with the images that have been deleted. And if not rooted the app does only perform a limited scan and you could only recover your photos or images by searching your cache files and thumbnails. If none of any images or photos or videos aren’t useful to you, you can clear them by using the clean-up feature implemented in it. Download and enjoy the features built-in this app.

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